World Congress on Illumination ~  Aug. 13-20, 2016

Each day we had one or two group sessions. There were people attending from 38 different states and 17 foreign countries- about 300 people. Aside from the sessions we had dinner together in one reserved section of one of the dining rooms, enabling participants to talk to other group members in depth. We met many fascinating people; the owner of a large retreat center in Virginia, another a retired Coast Guard Captain with a Ph.D. in geophysics; two ladies from Brazil who give workshops on the Divine Feminine at a place in the Amazon as well as many others . These Lightworkers seemed to be very spiritual, well grounded, successful individuals.

Our eyes were closed in a meditative state for most of the presentations. I did not write down notes until returning home, but the following are the concepts as well as I can remember:

The main theme: We are definitely in the 5th dimension. The chaos in the world is the result of people resisting going into 5D. Our bodies are slowly evolving into crystalline form which is a challenge for the physical body, resulting in many health challenges. One long meditation was downloading our 12 strands of DNA. Although not stated, I sense that this is a very gradual process for most of us. We go back and forth between 3D, 4D and 5D. Much attention was given to the chakra system of the body. We are developing a new chakra system to go along with the increased strands of DNA.

Love is the opposite of fear. Long meditations channeled from Mother Mary and Mary Magdalen addressed igniting the flame in the heart chakra using the violet flame of transformation. The music in the background was a beautiful rendition of Ave Maria. Over and over as a group we sent love and peace to every man, woman and child on Earth. Part of these meditations was assisting to bring in the feminine energy and anchoring it on Earth. We also addressed everyone balancing the male and feminine energy that are present in every human being.

One session was devoted to acknowledging the nature spirits -the elementals, fire, wind, air and earth sending healing energy to the Earth. We sent love to the animal kingdom which is also moving into the 5th dimension.

Throughout the conference the underlying theme was directed toward opening the heart chakra and moving into true Christ Consciousness. This means loving every man, woman and child on Earth unconditionally and spreading our wisdom and Light to the communities where we live. The simple technique for doing this is to bring the Violet Flame of transformation down from the crown chakra into the heart and to meditate on a regular basis. Sounds simple but what a challenge!

This conference was sponsored by Patricia Cota-Robles.  She presents seminars all over the country.  As a follow-up of the Alaskan voyage she posted a very important message.  Go to her website ; look under articles/archives to find “Cocreating a New Paradign for 2017 posted December 30, 2016.

May you always be surrounded by the light!

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