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Update on Life After Death,  Lights from the Ocean, etc


Reading from Aki/Rose aka Athor November 13, 2013

 Evelyn: The last time I asked   about my late husband Ed, you said that I could not communicate with him while he was planning the rebirth process.  Then you told me he was going to reincarnate in Libya.  With all the chaos going on in Libya, is Ed, the child and his family safe?

Aki: Yes, his family is in a remote part of the country not involved in the problems in the more populated parts of Libya.  His family is unscathed.  There is something he will do by age 15 that will have an important   impact on that country.

Evelyn: When I pass over to the other side will I be able to see Ed again? Since he has reincarnated will his personality survive so I will recognize his spirit?

Aki: There are an infinite number of planes and dimensions.  The personality survives on an astral plane. It is not the soul but the personality energy of the soul.  It is up to the soul how long the personality will remain on a particular astral plane. So the answer to your question is “maybe” depending on how long the personality decides to remain on an astral plane.  You may not go to the same astral plane as Ed. 

Evelyn: Has my husband before Ed (Wally) reincarnated?  He passed over in 1994.

Aki:  Yes, he reincarnated about two to three years ago in a large city.  It would seem to be New York City.  He was born into a family which appears to be well off.  The father has some connection to finance. He will excel and make some kind of contribution perhaps in science which will have far reaching implications.

Evelyn:  I have a friend who has been seeing lights coming up out of the ocean off the coast of Bandon and then going back down into the ocean.  What can you tell me about this?

Aki: There are 25-40 undersea bases around the globe.  These are interdimensional beings.  They are beings that are not human.  There has been a big influx of ET life forms in water areas all over the world.  When they come out of the ocean they shift dimensions which causes the lights. There are tunnels beneath the Earth that are inhabited by actual physical beings such as Telos that used to be under Mt. Shasta.  However, I was in that area recently and the energy has completely gone.  Mt. Shasta is just a beautiful mountain but the energy has moved north.  The beings in Telos have gone into another dimension.  These beings had been doing important work on the grid of the Earth but their work has been completed.

Our whole planet is lifting its dimensional veil.  The density between dimensions is decreasing.  There has been a major shift since the year 2000. Every single life form is being affected.  There are always choices and how a being reacts to these changes is his/her choice.  This shifting will continue.  Moving from one dimension to another is a big test for the soul.


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