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From Sirius to Earth


Table of Contents



PART 1: Athor's Story

  1 A Phychic Childhood
  2 A Different Adolescence
  3 From Psychic to Mental Inpatient
  4 From College to Black Magic
  5 India and the Maharaji
  6 Seeking Help
  PART 2: The Theory    
  7 A Therapist's Dilemma
  8 First Session: Channeling or Possession?
  9 Enter Athor: the Mystery Deepens
  10 Rose Meets Extraterrestrials: the Doubts Begin
  11 Exorcism
  12 Rose Explains
  13 Christ Consciousness
  14 Karma Explained
  15 Council of Twelve: Mission Earth
  16 Death in the Himalayas
  17 Conclusions
  18 Epilogue
  Selected Bibliography
  About the Authors


Once in a great while, a therapist has a client who makes such an impact that she is compelled to re-examine her belief system. Such was the case with Rose-Athor. Through hypnosis, Dr. Evelyn Fuqua leads her client through a fascinating journey in which the Rose soul was replaced by an aspect of the Athor soul from the Council of Twelve on the etheric plane of the star system Sirius.

The book includes an autobiography of Rose telling about her numerous psychic experiences prior to the time she met Dr. Fuqua; she had come for therapy hoping to find a cure for her Environmental Illness. She had never considered that she could be a Soul Exchange since the exchange took place when she was three years two months old and had no conscious memory of the event. However, after returning to that period in her life through hypnosis numerous times, both she and Dr. Fuqua were finally convinced of the validity of this amazing phenomenon.

The myriad of e-mails and letters Dr. Fuqua has received since the publication of From Sirius to Earth have continued to validate our findings as many other individuals world-wide believe they too are Soul Exchanges or have had some kind of “Walk-In” experience. Each story is unique but all of the experiments of these so-called “Walk-Ins” have strong similarities.

From Sirius to Earth gives the reader an understanding that reincarnation, the Christ Consciousness, The All That Is (God), all tie in together to help us better understand the universe. This true story will resonate with all who are interested in their own soul’s evolution.


Reviews of From Sirius to Earth


“Dr. Fuqua is commended for her curiosity, courage, and competence in assisting Rose and the reader toward greater self understanding and higher soul understanding.”

-Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, University of Wyoming;
ET Researcher and Author of "Soul Samples"


“Dr. Fuqua should be commended for her courage in writing a book that will, no doubt, shake the accepted paradigms of the professionals working in the psychological and counseling areas. Let her work lay a new foundation for examining the nature of reality in the twenty-first century.”

- Dr. Norma Milanovich
Lecturer and Author of "The Light Shall Set You Free"
and "We The Arcturians"


"Humanity is being prompted to know its collective role in the cosmos and of the love that underlies the happenings of this time. We are being reminded of our relationship to the stars, to the evolutions who are related to humanity and to the great goal for which so many points of consciousness strive."

-Rev. Carol Parrish-Harra, a Soul Exchange,
author of "Messengers of Hope"
and Spiritual Director of Sparrow Hawk Village in Oklahoma


“The professional work of Dr. Evelyn Fuqua shakes us once again beyond the accepted paradigms of human soul evolution and leaves us with greater understanding of ‘who we are.’

Dr. Fuqua joins the growing ranks of credible professionals moving out of the ‘box’ of traditional thinking into a new realm of spiritual understanding. Like Helen Wambach, Ph.D., Ian Stevenson, M.D.; Psychiatrist Brian Weiss, M.D.; Pediatrician, Melvin Morse, M.D.; Dr. Raymond Moody, M.D.; Professor of Psychiatry, John E. Mack, M.D., along with the growing numbers of professionals who are coming forward with valid and credible information on matters such as reincarnation, near-death experiences; spiritual communication, and Extra-Terrestrial contact, our ‘reality box’ is again challenged within the pages of ‘From Sirius to Earth.’

This fascinating, evolving story of the Soul Exchange/Walk-In phenomena reminds me of what Dr. Brian Weiss writes of in his book, ‘Many Lives, Many Masters,’ when hypnotic regression moves beyond this life time into other realms, and how the impact of the information coming forward compels the doctor to examine his or her own belief system. I commend all those professionals who have the courage to step forward and share their professional findings with the world.

‘From Sirius To Earth’ is a must-read for those interested in past life regression, ET research, and life’s mysteries. It is further confirmation that we are all One.”

Linda Pendleton

Author of "To Dance With Angels," "Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom,"
" A Walk Through Grief," "Whispers From the Soul," and the UFO novel, "The Dawning."


Cosmic Relationships by Evelyn Fuqua, Ph.D.

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Table of Contents




1 Decision to Write This Book
2 Carroll, My Industrial Engineer Husband
3 Past Lives with Carroll
4 My Experiences in Japan
5 Wally, My Geologist Husband
6 Past Lives of Evelyn and Wally, On & Off-Earth
7 Evelyn’s Existences Off-Earth
8 Evelyn’s Past Lives through Regressions
9 Ed, My Air Force Colonel Husband
10 Ed’s Off-Earth Existences
11 Ed’s UFO Experience
12 Ed’s Near Death Experience
13 Ed’s Messages from the Other Side
14 Ed’s Warnings of a Pending War

Ed’s Rebirth on Planet Earth

16 Evelyn Meets Paul
17 Paul’s Near Death Experience
18 Past Life Relationships of Evelyn and Paul
19 A Brief Review of Paul’s Life
20 Paul’s Past Lives

21 Conclusions 219

  About the Author


In a uniquely personal approach to understanding human relationships, Dr. Fuqua explores the past lives of herself and her four husbands.  She seeks to give credence to her belief that there is no conflict between evolution and creationism.  Fuqua traces souls from the time they are birthed by the Godhead through their long evolutionary path to the Earth.  She follows her late husband, an Air Force Colonel, after his death into the other realms and finally his decision to be reborn in Libya in order to help in the transition of that country.  This is fascinating, groundbreaking research that Dr. Fuqua sincerely hopes will help mankind move into a higher vibration.

Cosmic Relationships is based on Athor Soul Readings, Past Life Soul Readings from Religious Research in Grand Island, Florida and Dr. Fuqua's own personal experiences.

Reviews of Cosmic Relationships

“Dr. Fuqua is to be commended for her scientific tenacity as an ‘explorer’ as well as her spiritual veracity as an ‘explainer'. She demonstrates courage, curiosity, compassion and competence in her professional service and in her personal relationships."

-Leo Sprinkle Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, University of Wyoming
Author of Soul Samples and numerous articles on ET research 

“Dr. Fuqua presents an insightful and compelling look at how past lives may influence our relationships, our spiritual growth, and the evolution of the soul. A fascinating read!”

-Linda Pendleton
Author of To Dance With Angels and Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom

“In this very readable presentation of a traditionally taboo subject, at least for Western belief systems, the concept of ‘past lives’ is handled with intellectual preciseness yet remains accessible to the layman.  Dr. Fuqua’s depth of honesty, personal experience and credentials convince even the skeptic of the realities of past lives and their essential role in our current human relationships.  Building on the works of Edgar Cayce and Dr. Franklin Loehr, this amazing book provides generous new information, and truly cosmic perspectives directly from those in a position to know. Cosmic Relationships is undoubtedly a necessary addition and clarification to our body of knowledge about this sometimes controversial and often baffling topic.”

-Michael Phelan, Reiki Master and
Author of Why You Should Care; What Happens When You Do

Cosmic Relationships is thorough and well written with an interesting and intriguing tale of past lives and their connections with this life time. A highly recommended read for anyone interested in spiritual paths, reincarnation and ongoing mysteries. Dr. Fuqua, with research, Athor readings and her own personal touch, makes Cosmic Relationships very necessary information for today's audience.

-Maria Phelan, Student of Astrology

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Table of Contents - Book 1


  About the Author

  About Athor

1 The Great White Brotherhood
2 Athor's Connection with the Egyptian Goddess Hathor
3 Earth's Early Years
4 Ascended Masters
5 Destruction of Planet Maldek
6 The Photon Belt
7 Walk-ins: Many Kinds of Experiments
8 Soul Braids
9 A Soul Exchange as an Adult
10 Different Kind of Near Death Experience
11 The Moon and the Secret Government
12 A Child From Orion
13 Past Lives as an Extraterrestrial 49
14 Past Lives of Jesus 57



Table of Contents - Book 2


  About the Author



Client with Fibromyalgia


An Adventurous Soul


A Clone Who Wants to Express His Individuality



An Aspect of a Future Self - Greater Brain Expansion


A Very Different Off-Earth Experience


A Desire for Power


Birth of a Soul and a Difficult Relationship


A Soul Braid


An Implant


A Hybrid Experiment


A Soul from another Universe


Destruction of Planet Maldek

13 A Being from Maldek and Andromeda 71
14 Existence as a Dinosaur 79
15 One of the Founders of Sirius 81
16 Souls from the Pleiades and Andromeda 85
17 A Light Worker with an Existence Underground 89
18 A Light Worker who is here to Assist in the Earth's Dimensional Shift 97
19 Other Soul Aspects, Parallel Universes, the "Perfect Soul: 105
20 An ET Conducting Research in the Ukraine 111
21 A Genetically Engineered Drone 115
22 A Transitional Energy 119
23 Another Existence in the Angelic Realm 125
24 Higher Self Experiment and Relationship with Metatron 131
25 God and Angels 141
26 Concluding Remarks 143

The Wisdom of Athor:

Book One and Two

Messages from a Member of the Council of Twelve on the Etheric Plane of the Star System of Sirius

A fascinating read which gives much credence to Star Wars and other science fiction sagas except this is about real people and NOT FICTION.

Book One answers many questions about the universe and how it works. This information is taken from a newsletter published by Dr. Fuqua for O.M.R.A. (Oakdell Multidimensional Research Association).

Book Two consists of soul readings traced from the time they were birthed by the Godhead to the time the souls made the decision to come to Earth.  This ground breaking research is taken from soul readings by Athor, one member of the Council of Twelve on the etheric plane of the star system of Sirius.  These readings suggest that there is no conflict between evolution and creationism.

Please read the Table of Contents for information about the scope of these books. 



The human condition taken as a whole is to be seen simply as a learning process and a great and divine playground, although many of you do not view it as a playground for many of you choose to gather experiences which would produce what you would term suffering, pain, and deprivation.  However, depending on the nature of the consciousness, the Earth plane is a tremendous playground. On the human plane you have the beginning capacity of Divine will channeled through a physicalized form. (Book Two, Chapter 5).


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You Are Wonderful


Improving Children's Reading and Self Esteem


A much needed book for parents and educators containing a series of “stories” to induce right hemisphere thinking. Based on research for her doctoral dissertation, Dr. Fuqua describes a simple, effective technique that is enjoyable for both children and adults.

Since 1985 many new waves of souls incarnating on Earth are members of a more advanced species of Humanoids. These have had different names such as Indigo children, Crystal children, etc. As time goes on there appear to be more of these advanced children born all the time. There was no dramatic shift in our civilization in the year 2012 as some had predicted; however, as these children grow older, they WILL change the Earth.

In the meantime there seem to be higher suicide rates among young people. The problems in the school systems are overwhelming for many different reasons but partly because the old teaching methods are simply not working with these children whose brains are wired differently from ours. This book is one effort to assist these children in understanding that they are OKAY and worthy human beings. While they are still young, we adults can assist in making life easier for our children in this chaotic world. It is Fuqua's sincere desire that this book may be helpful to many teachers, parents and children.

Evelyn Fuqua holds a B.A. in Psychology from Agnes Scott College, an M.A. in Counseling from California State University Sacramento and a Ph.D. in Psychology from the Professional School of Psychology. She was a teacher, special education resource specialist and counselor in the public schools for 33 years. Dr. Fuqua was State Relations Chairman for the Counselors Association and the Marriage Family Counselors divisions of the California Association of Counseling and Development (CACD).


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We Were Innocent


A Childhood on a Post-Civil War Plantation


Journey with the author back to a much simpler time in our history then move forward to the present thinking of “Black Lives Matter” and the “MeToo Movement”. Because these topics are very much in the forefront of our country, Dr. Fuqua felt a need to chronicle her early life growing up on a former slave plantation near her hometown, Fort Valley, Georgia. We Were Innocent illustrates how na´ve children are in regard to race relations. While she loved many of the Colored people who lived on her father's large farm and felt sorry for them, she went along with the adult's way of thinking that “this is just the way it is”. Moving away from Georgia was an eye opener regarding the race situation. Combining her metaphysical beliefs with her life experience with people of many races, she gives her viewpoint of the racial situation.

We Were Innocent also illustrates how a lack of sex education can affect children who have no real knowledge of sex, reproduction, etc. While parents mean well, they should understand how important some knowledge on this subject should be taught to children even at a young age.

While this book is quite different from Dr. Fuqua's earlier books, it is seen as quite timely for this conflicted period in our history.


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Soul Reading for a Beloved Dog
Update on Life After Death, Lights from the Ocean, etc

May you always be surrounded by the light!

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