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“There exists upon or within Sirius something akin to the Garden of Eden. There is a Council of Elders, a group of beings who gather to determine what should be created and when; then the determination is made as to where. There are twelve members of this council, they are: Kyata, Phadrona (not exact but closest to Earth sound), Athor, Elysia, Philomyne, Achtama, Bjirdia, Gehema, Arturious, Sarta, Eloha, and Badra.” (Page 1, FROM SIRIUS TO EARTH)

Even though the members of the Council have individual frequencies they are a Group Soul; when Athor channels a message from the Council, she is speaking for the entire Council. Most of the messages from the Council have been in the context of individual Athor Soul Readings; however, I have asked Athor to bring through some meditation/prayers that can help the Earth conditions we have been experiencing for the past few years. If enough people turn toward the Light (All That Is), we CAN change the future of the Earth. The Earth needs your help.

Athor received the following message on December 5, 1999. I was originally going to use this material as a Preface to another book; however, considering the present polarity of the Earth, I have decided that the message should be posted now.


"There are events occurring of monumental proportions. It is seen that the surface of your planetary sphere will greatly alter within a span of approximately fifteen to twenty-five years. There are many factors, which are contributing to this; one being the ecosystem and the imbalances within it; another being the influx of so-called alien life forms. Within a period of approximately 15 years there will be massive and direct communication with so-called ET’s that will no longer be hidden nor twisted in the media. This is not to say that the attempt will not be there, but the swell of consciousness will be such that in that time period it will be common knowledge that these life forms do indeed exist and that we are here and have been for quite some time.

Each Being is now undergoing massive transformation and those who cannot withstand the transforming energy currents will withdraw. Many are leaving the planet, and that is just one aspect of that type of withdrawal. There is both an involutional and evolutional phase of cosmic energies coming through the atmosphere at this time. It is up to each individual to choose which one it wishes to go with, so to speak, and the pressure is equal on both ends. This is one of the resultant phases of many cosmic occurrences and planetary shift changes, etc. In the greater scheme of things this has all been predicted and planned, not planned in a personal sense but it has been in the ethers for quite some time for the evolution of this planetary system. As these energies impinge upon the Earth sphere, each individual life unit upon the surface upon this sphere is being radically affected. We are simply suggesting that you take a conscious stand as to how you are being affected by these energies because it is a two edged sword and it is calling for awareness for those who wish to evolve. They must have the conscious desire to continue in their evolution in their awareness. If this is given up, the involutionary energies, being equally strong will predominate and will bring about a contractive phase in all those beings who do not take a stand within.

The cosmic energies will continually hit them and they will feel as if they are totally spaced out; they have no bearings and they don’t know which end is up. These, of course, are usually the more sensitive individuals who have already developed certain openings. The average mass humanity is experiencing this primarily in their economic strata and their daily struggles to remain alive. They are experiencing these results in their relationship issues as well as in their economic levels of existence. Health issues are also being greatly brought to the surface. These energies coming forth now are very, very potent cosmic energies and they are designed to cleanse and purify, but in the process of cleansing and purifying, many beings are feeling cut off from their Source and that is mainly due to the fact that it now requires a daily conscious, commitment and daily conscious time spent in determining what is the beings purpose in their life. If they cannot come up with certain pictures then it is recommended that they simply reaffirm their alignment with Light on a daily level and ask that the Christ energy and the God force come through in whatever way is most meaningful and more productive for both that individual and others as well so that the God Force and the God Light can come through as fully as possible through that particular Being. We are now entering a level of creation wherein human beings are being asked to co-create. Those who do not choose to co-create in and with Light will not only suffer greatly but will also feel as though they don’t know anything anymore. That is indeed part of the cleansing, but is also an impetus to become aware, to co-create, to take a stand within and to align one’s consciousness with that energy of Light. The ones who choose not to and simply wish to continue their old patterns will find that much is ripped away from their lives. It is and will be a ripping. It is not a gentle action. These energies are not namby pamby. They are very potent energies and rays. They are neither negative nor evil. They simply are very powerful in moving toward the Source and each being by realigning with the Source is setting up a magnetic pole within themselves which will then allow many other energies to come and feed into that pole and by feeding into that pole, which is essentially through the spinal column, the Light bodies of each one of those beings so consciously choosing to align with the Light will become very, very powerful and energized, and this is the transitional phase which is occurring for those who so choose it to transform one could almost say from one species to the next. This is happening on very deep inner levels but in those who are very sensitive, they are feeling this on all levels.

It simply requires a conscious thought of that commitment to Light. Seek to communicate with the Light and you will not be disappointed. It might not come in the manner in which you expect, but you will always get an answer whether it is through feelings, thoughts, etc. We cannot stress strongly enough a daily commitment to the Light. To be utilized by the Christ force and the God force as a vehicle of Light in helping others is now of paramount importance. "

Not long after the 9/11 disaster, to clear the darkness on Earth, the following meditation was channeled through Athor. It is a simple meditation that can continue to be used for on-going problems on Planet Earth. Use this meditation as frequently as possible. Once you learn the technique it can be very quick and easy.

"Each and every being can both pray, given their individualized inclinations and predispositions to their particular guidance, if you will, and do a daily visualization of sending a shaft of light through the center of the planet from which spiraling clockwise, spirals, circles of light, a huge circle of light begins to emerge in a clockwise rotational field from the shaft of light which pierces the center, through the center of the Earth through both ends of the Earth, top and bottom, if you will. And then visualize a rotational ever increasing circle of light coming forth from the central shaft. And as this light begins to come forth from the central shaft of light, if one could visualize whatever countries they wish to pick out in their mind. Visualize that country on the map and visualize that light circling and going through the entire country, and then continue visualizing the circle of light coming from the central shaft in the Earth. Keep moving that circle, let that shaft expand that circle of light more and more and more until it reaches past all the boundaries of the planetary system of the Earth.

Take that light, continue visualizing that light, take it further out. Tell it to go out to the furtherest reaches of space to be joined by the consciousness of All That Is in its infinite goodness, love, and wisdom and asking it to send healing and balance and peace to this system.

If you allow this light to extend out with this visualization far enough to what was just stated, there will be a resulting answer in terms of the light. For those who are sensitive enough they will feel this meeting, this joining, this cooperation, if you will. But it must be done in a manner exceeding your physical boundaries, your physical globe. For as has been stated there are energies and currents far beyond this system which are involved and have to do with this as well."

Athor, October 30, 2001

While The Light can be thought of as the God Force, this latest message is more of a prayer with which some people may feel more comfortable. It speaks directly to each individual’s personal concept of God. If it feels right to you, please use both as you desire.

Athor’s latest message to lovers of Planet Earth.

As groups of you look around your world today and see the seemingly increasing pain and suffering worldwide, please remember that the Christ Light of God, THAT Christ, never left your beautiful world. Go inside your heart and call upon Christ. Call upon the Light of God, call upon Allah and call upon the God that speaks to you in the form that you feel comfortable with as long as it is in the form of a God of love, compassion, healing, beauty, peace, wisdom and joy, but above all else a God of peace. Ask That God to bring those qualities, especially the peace, first into your own heart. Invite God and all God’s positive attributes into your heart. Having done this, invite the God of your heart to bring forth the blessings of love, compassion, healing, beauty, peace, wisdom and joy unto all nations and all living beings upon this beautiful Earth. God is alive and well. Do not forget this!!

Athor, January 24, 2004


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May you always be surrounded by the light!

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