Messages from the Star Council of Sirius to all lovers of Planet Earth




This communication was given as a request of what can be done to prepare for 2012:

If there are two people, sit opposite each other; more people sitting in a circle would be even better. As you are facing each other, imagine the circle in a ring of fire or Light. This is a white Light with rainbow colors.  Put the planet Earth in the center of this circle and ask for all the beings of Light who wish to assist in bringing peace, harmony, good will, and balance to this planet to do so. 

Invoke the highest levels of Light to protect earth and all its inhabitants. 

Do this once a day if possible.  If you get a group together the energy will increase exponentially.  If there were such groups in every city (or town or village) doing this once a day, the impact would be enormous.  


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May you always be surrounded by the light!

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