Astara has been dedicated to elevating the consciousness and health of humankind since it was founded in 1951.)

(The purpose of Namaste, Inc. is to serve as a model of cooperation for disseminating spiritual information, exemplifying self-actualization, self-evolution, and service to Earth and Humanity.)

( an organization founded by Dr.Franklin Loehr who channeled Dr.Christopher Daniels. Dr. Daniels specialized in reading the Akashic Records. His readings are similar to the Athor readings. Religious Research carries many excellent books based on the Loehr-Daniels research.)

( Dr.Weiss is a well known authority on past life regression therapy and has written many books in this field. He approaches hypnotherapy from a highly spiritual viewpoint.)

( the editor/publisher, Ann Ulrich Miller, gives star people, walk-ins, etc. an opportunity to write articles which are of interest to many people in the metaphysical field. In Dr.Fuqua's opinion, Ann seems to be a true Lightworker interested in "spreading the word".)

(a delightful lady with a brilliant mind who is the author of many books. Check out the names of some of her books under " Reviews" on my website page, "About the Book". Linda lives in my area so we frequently exchange philosophies regarding metaphysics.)
Dr. Norma Milanovich's website specializes in individualized personal empowerment, prophesy from the Ascended Masters, Light Ascension, Feng Shui, ground-breaking and innovative wellness solutions, and worldwide sacred journeys and conferences, proven to expand and raise one's consciousness, which ultimately assists in bringing peace to the world.

Wolf Creek Press publishes primarily Mind-Body-Spirit genre books, CDs, e-books and videos. If you are interested in Self Help, Self Growth, Spirituality, Self-Empowerment and Healing, often with an edge of "out of the box" thinking, then our books are for you. We are always attempting to provide exposure for those truly promoting self-empowerment and our highest positive potential. Change comes from within, and we are pleased for the opportunity to provide stimulus for that change.

Sacred Spaces – where selfish love is the best! Are you ready to answer The Call? Allow us to assist you in sanctifying the sacred spaces within you.

World Congress on Illumination

May you always be surrounded by the light!

Soul Reading for a Beloved Dog
Update on Life After Death, Lights from the Ocean, etc

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