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Soul Reading for a Beloved Dog - August 12, 1990


Evelyn:  The day Pie Grande (Spanish for Big Feet) went down to the creek, what was going on in his mind?

Athor: It must be explained that the animal kingdom functions on an entirely different frequency than the human kingdom though the physical density is most similar.  This particular being at the time that you speak of was simply trying to find some comfort, to comfort itself; to prepare itself for what he felt and knew would be the inevitable transition.  There were not thoughts as you perceive them, but merely rather what you might call primitive sensations, though not to the degree that the human experiences such sensation.  By these sensations we mean the feelings associated with a physical vehicle that is fast declining in frequency rate; a human generally is bogged down along with the physical vibratory rate when the transition is about to occur.  However, in the animal kingdom, this is a different process entirely, as in the animal kingdom the vibratory frequency is much more closely bonded to the physical.  Thus, there is not such a separation as in the human realm, for you humans can differentiate greatly from the physical body.  Some of you can leave the body and travel in other bodies, etc. In the animal kingdom this is not the case, for the animal frequency is more closely bonded to the physical.  But along with this bond to the physical, there is more of a protection; they don’t feel pain to the degree that humans do.  They don’t have the sharpness in the sensory system of feeling pain as humans do.  The day that Pie went down to the creek he was feeling one-third of what a human would feel given the same condition.

Evelyn: Pie had never been down to the creek before and we were frantic because we could not find him.  He had actually gone into the water at the creek.  He no doubt had a high fever and was seeking relief from the heat.  When we finally found him, we kept him in the house overnight, and Wally found him dead in the family room after tracing the blood from his side of the bed into the family room.  He apparently had hemorrhaged before he passed over. Can you tell me something about what happened to Pie after he left the Earth plane?

Athor: This being is yet in a period of transition.  It has not completed its evolutionary journey.  He is yet lingering halfway between the Earth plane and what you would term a higher astral level. It is seen that within a period of one or two weeks this entity will be finally released from the Earth plane frequency. 

Evelyn: Are you able to tap into past lives of dogs and souls of the animal kingdom?

Athor: This being took the form in the animal kingdom previously as a kangaroo, jumping around, so it was in the wild state, not the domesticated form.   

Evelyn: Can you project into the future for his next reincarnation?

Athor:  It is seen that this soul yet chooses to remain in some type of animal kingdom.  We see him again in a form that exists in a more free wild state. He likes the feeling of groups and the freedom of mingling with groups in the wild state, as it does not like any feeling of constriction.  He chose to be associated with a human family in order to assist and take on certain karmic vibratory frequency, and in this way it hoped to assist your family.  That is one of the reasons it had terminated its physical existence.  It had taken as much as it could carry in that vehicle and had learned all there was to learn in this incarnation.  Thus it chose to terminate its existence.

Evelyn: Could you tell me what happened to Pie before he came to us, because he appeared to be about two months old when we first found him as a puppy.  (He was wandering around a beauty shop when the owner allowed him to come into the shop because it was raining and cold outside.  The owner had hoped that one of his patrons would take the dog home, but I didn’t pick up Pie until after I had gone home to see if Wally wanted another dog.  We had lost Barney Clyde, a mixed lab, about a year ago and neither of us wanted to go through losing a pet again; however, Wally said, “Bring him home and then we will see”.  Shortly after that Pie became very ill and when we took him to the vet we found he had parvo, which is usually fatal. After a long stay at the vets, transfusions, etc. we had too much money invested not to keep him, beside the fact even after a few days we had both fallen in love with Pie. He was a darling little German shepherd/collie mix puppy and would grow into a beautiful dog.

Athor: It is seen that this being wandered off from its brothers and sisters; none of them were well tended or watched over carefully, and being a mixed bred litter the individuals who owned the mother did not care enough to try to find the missing puppy.  It is not certain that all of them in that litter survived.

Evelyn: Can you explain why Pie went so crazy when we would take him places in a car? Most of the time he was very gentle, but was wild whenever he was in a car, even when we tried tranquilizing him.  

Athor: Because the being did not wish to be confined.  There is a strong need within this being to be free.  During the cycle as a kangaroo he was trapped, and suspended from a tree and then bagged.  A bag was put over it, and then he was thrown into some sort of vehicle.  There was a great deal of noise as the vehicle went through the outback and there were many bumps, dips and holes. The memory of this confinement yet lingered within the soul consciousness of this being.  This did not originate from the present life cycle.

Evelyn: Would you see what happened to Pie after he was captured?

Athor: It is seen that he went through many hands and was eventually taken to another country and put in some type of enclosure, something you might term a zoo.  The feeling of emotion and movement of the being in the wild with others in a free atmosphere was cut short in that incarnation.  Thus, we have still this feeling within the being that it again wishes to re-experience, and will choose again some type of pack situation.

Evelyn: Can you tell me exactly what caused his death?  Please look at his physical body (psychically) and determine what his main problem was.

Athor: It is seen that there is something akin to a type of gangrene which occurred. Animals’ organs are so closely packed together.  Let’s see- it is in the liver and spleen area.  Since everything is pretty much closely packed in there, it spreads things more rapidly than in a human organism, whereas in the human organism it would be predominately confined to one organ for a period of time. In an animal it spreads more rapidly.  This stems from an initial infection.  We hear a necrotic liver so the liver is dying.  The liver and the spleen were trying to compensate and take over the role that the liver normally provides.  It did the best it could but could not maintain the functions and detoxify the system as it was a continual seepage, a gangrene type of pus filled seepage within the organism.  It is seen that a foreign object entered the organs and traveled to this area and lodged in this area.  Everything became inflamed and a gangrene type situation occurred within the liver itself. In your terminology this would be considered a malignant condition as it leads to physical termination.

Evelyn: Do animals have a soul just as human beings have souls?

Athor: That which vibrates in the frequency of some kind of life form has a spirit or a soul.  That which vibrates in the frequency of life without a form does not have a soul as you perceive it.  The mineral kingdom manifests in a group soul and thus each individual mineral is one member of that group soul.  The animal kingdom possesses; each and every one possesses both an individualized expression and soul as well as an oversoul, or perhaps it would be better to say more like a deva, a ruling Deva God which directs and guides these souls.

Evelyn: Do animals plan their incarnations just the same way as humans do?

Athor: No. They do not have that level of consciousness.  Again it is stated there is a deva which guides the animal kingdom, and this deva is the one which decides what occurs with the soul of certain animals.

Evelyn: So when you said that Pie wished to do this and that, it was directed by the deva.  In other words the deva knew what Pie wished and therefore helped Pie incarnate in these sorts of experiences.

Athor: Yes.

Evelyn: Will Pie eventually make the decision along with the deva to progress into a human form?

Athor: No.  This being will simply pass beyond the human form.  This being has no wish or desire to enter the realm of the human kingdom.

Evelyn: So do some animals wish to enter the human kingdom and some don’t?

Athor: Yes, but it is not a black and white type of rule, as many have believed that there is an evolutionary pattern which is set in concrete.  That is not the case.  There are many and varied permutations which occur in the evolutionary scheme.

Evelyn: Has Pie always incarnated in the animal kingdom, or was the progression from other kingdoms into the animal kingdom?

Athor: This being had experience in the mineral kingdom.

Evelyn:  Again this would vary from one animal to the other as to its evolutionary path?

Athor: Yes, as it does also with humans.

Evelyn: Is there a name for the animal deva?

Athor: It is a most strange sounding name. We will try to impart the frequency. Rataval, with a guttural sound.

Evelyn: Is there any kind of message for either Wally or for me?

Athor: One moment.  The message indicates that the spirit is thankful for the opportunity it has had in your family unit.  It had a most beneficial existence in that form but is happy to go, even though it did not wish to cause any sorrow.  It is happy to move on as it could no longer be of any service.  Its simple presence alone was not sufficient for the being to justify a prolongation of the physical body which had greatly deteriorated over quite a period of time.  When this being, Athor, encountered the Pie being he did not ask to be physically healed.  He simply wished to be let go effortlessly and be allowed its freedom, which it yet seeks to experience in another wild type of state.  The being wishes to say that he yet loves you both and is indeed grateful and thankful for the life you had given it in the physical realm.

Evelyn: Thank you, Athor.



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