Several years ago Athor moved quite a distance from my office; with her failing eyesight and continued health problems, driving to my office became quite impossible, therefore, we had to terminate her readings for my clients.  As  good friends we have continued to have long talks via the telephone. After my husband, Ed made his transition in May of 2009, I asked if she could communicate with him.  Talking to deceased people has never been something Athor wanted to do but I urged her to least give this a try since it could be very helpful to me. I am hoping that this information will be helpful to those of you who have lost a spouse or another loved one. The first contacts were not tape recorded.  As soon as I hung up the phone I tried to write down what she had told me, but most of this is paraphrased rather than direct quotes.  The few phrases with quotations marks are I believe Athor’s  exact words rather than mine.

First contact: May 23 (16 days after transition)
Athor stated that three Being of Light took Ed into the Light.  Ed was confused and in danger of being stuck here since he was concerned about me.  Someone had intevened to allow him to leave ( I presume Rose/Athor did this along with her friend Radha who had been praying for Ed’s release into The Light).  This message took quite awhile since Athor said she was bathing in the beauty of these Beings of Light.  It sounded quite wonderful although I didn’t see any of this. Athor finally told me that Ed had taken a great step forward in his evolution. The energy he is in now is quite beautiful, a wonderful energy (she was still enjoying this energy!) Ed is open to new ideas very different from his mind set here on Earth. He burned off a great deal of karma ( difficult family relationships and many physical problems); Being exposed to my metaphysical beliefs prepared the way for him to be able to open to these new energies.  There has been a cutoff of his Earthly ties which explained to me my deep depression the last few days.  His energy has completely left me. 

Second contact: June 6, 2009 (30 days after transition)
Ed has gone into a new level.  He is balancing the scales; Looking at his lives past and present to see how well he has balanced karma.  A Council is working with him to make tentative plans for his next lifetime. He will go through further stages at higher levels, but at this point he is reviewing and planning.

Third contact: June 18, 2009 (42 days after transition)
From an inner level Ed was “bursting to get loose” from his physical body ( Ed had cancer, kidneys had shut down, etc.etc.- his body was no longer serving him in any productive way). He couldn’t wait to get on with it. (Ed was a 50 year plus Mason who believed in a Supreme Being and he “thought” he believed in reincarnation). Ed’s spirit was flying in a realm checking out other realms that are not on Earth. ( Ed was the radar interceptor in an F-94 night fighter in Korea; he loved flying and was an excellent pilot); Ed will “wake up to a certain level” later on but his consciousness is geared toward the experiences he is having now and apparently he is really enjoying this experience.
July 25, 2009 Masonic Memorial Service for Ed in Bandon conducted by local Masonic Lodge-very beautiful service

Fourth contact: August 23, 2009 ( over three month since transition)
Ed regrets many things he did; now just going with the flow; he has no control over anything (as a colonel Ed liked to be in control) He is confused but not afraid-nothing to be afraid of.  I wanted to know what Ed had thought about the Masonic service which I had taken great effort to bring about since Ed was too ill to become a member of the local lodge so I had to dig out all kinds of documents to prove he was indeed a Mason.  His only comment was he liked the ritual. I then wanted to know if he had met Lindy, his deceased wife on the other side. He said he has had fleeting encounters with her.  Athor stated that everyone’s death experience is unique.  It is not like a welcoming committee.  He said he and I would meet again.  “Do not grieve for me”. It is worse for those who are left behind in a body (Ed and I had talked about this since we both had lost former sprouses to cancer). I kept trying to find out if Ed would communicate with me.  He said he will try but he is not sure how to get through the denseness to communicate with me.  Athor described this denseness in terms of air currents, turbulelnce, etc. – terms that a pilot would use.   This session  with Ed seemed to be more of the judgement phase after death.  “I had quite a temper.  I did a lot of things that were wrong”. (From my point of view Ed was an extremely moral man but he tended to look at things in black and white with little middle ground- He apparently did have a temper. Ed was the President of the Air Force Association in Sacramento. He held monthly meetings at the Sacramento Convention Center. Speakers were many well known generals. Ed was on the list to become a general but he had a disagreement with the local general at the then McClellan Air Force Base.  The meetings had always been held on base at the Officers Club.  The general demanded that they remain at the Officers Club but Ed refused since he wanted the meetings to be more accessible to the public.  His late wife, Lindy, herself an Air Force Lt.Colonel told Ed that you don’t talk to a general like that! Anyway, after that Ed did not become a general! Yes, he did have a temper-well controlled but one could tell when he was angry) This time Ed seemed to be back in the life review phase and I am guessing that he was remembering that experience.  He said he guessed he would reincarnate but it may be some other form rather than human. “Guess there is a hell, but it is not what people think it is.”   Since Ed was a highly moral being perhaps he was still judging himself more harshly than less evolved beings might do and this phase was his “hell”.

Fifth contact: October 7 ( five months after transition)

Ed is feeling a great deal of freedom.  There are open hills.  He can see for many miles.  He has dropped the Earth personality so it would be difficult for the usual medium to contact him ( I thought I would try another medium just to see what she would say- I never felt she really contacted Ed although some of the things the medium said seemed to fit). Earlier Athor had said she thought most mediums who contact the deceased were reading energies from the lower astral level.  It would seem that Ed has progressed  further than that. The poor medium was very frustrated because she really couldn’t answer my questions!

On September 7 I had a very strange, involved dream which was quite vivid.  The main theme seemed to be that I was trying to reach Ed on my cell phone but couldn’t dial his number.  I kept searching in my purse to find some way to call him then I woke up. I had canceled Ed’s cell phone since we had been paying for two phones.  After this dream it occurred to me that maybe Ed would try to reach me on my cell phone, but rather forgot about this since I discovered through a stress test and angiogram that I had some heart blockages which resulted in my having three stents inserted into my heart.  Soon after that I flew to Washington D.C. to attend an awesome Memorial Service at Arlington National Cemetery for my husband, Col.Edwin J. Cook. who was buried with with full military honors.  Six white horses were followed by a caisson with the flag covered coffin which held his ashes.  A full Air Force band followed the procession to his gravesite.  All of this seemed unreal to me as they fired a 21 gun salute then presented me with the flag from the coffin. One of Ed’s requests was to be buried in Arlington so I was hoping he still had enough contact with this plane to appreciate such a well planned event. The service was on a beartiful Fall day at Arlington; it was unfortunate that it couldn’t have been scheduled earlier after his passing, but it took a lot of planning and we felt we would be most likely to get the kind of  service we wanted for Ed if we  waited until after summer. In this case I think the Memorial was really for those left behind although Ed earlier had felt strongly abou having a military burial at Arlington along side his late wife Lindy who is buried there.  Ed also wants me buried there . The grounds at Arlington are beautiful so despite my mixed feelings about the military I have decided I also would like to be buried at Arlington with Ed.

Right before Christmas I found I had a really weird telephone call on my cell phone.  There was a great deal of static then a voice which talked for a few seconds. I couldn’t understand what was said but kept the message on my cell phone for about a week. It finally dawned on me to calll the telephone number that left the message.  It turned out to be from Lakeside, a community north of Bandon on a large lake; the call was made from McKay’s Market, a grocery store in Lakeside.  The lady I talked to denied any knowledge of calling anyone in Bandon.  As I considered all of this and remembered my dream I realized that this must have been a call from Ed.  He loved fishing (Lakeside) and loved to eat (grocery store).  How totally appropriate!  In addition strange things had been happening to lights.  The light at the head of my bed kept turning on and off without my touching it.  I thought maybe it needed a new bulb but when I changed it, the same thing happened.  I finally put the old bulb back in and it worked fine. The overhead lights in the garage would not turn on.  The next day as well as ever since then the garage is brightly lit as soon as I flip the switch.  I am basically a skeptic so I checked with Athor and she confirmed that indeed the phone call and  light phenomena were the work of Ed.  She also said that she had received a “message” from Ed saying that he was trying to communicate with me. That same night there was a man named “Cook” talking about electronic voices from the dead. Coincidence? I think not! I contiue to get phone calls on my land line but there is no one there when I answer the calls. The medium I contacted was at least right about telephone calls. She had also said to look for “red birds”.  My friend in Washington saw a bus with the entire side painted with a giant cardinal the day after she dropped me off at the airport. Later I went to the Shore Acres Christmas display near Bandon and found numerous cardinals in the gift store.  I’m not sure what that was all about but it made both my friend and me feel that Ed was guiding us to these birds. Please contact me if you have had any experience with “red birds” after a death.  I already know that many other people have had phone calls and strange things happening with lights after a death, but e-mail me if you have had experience with “red birds” after someone passing over.  That was a new concept for me.

December 11, 2009 Next contact ( about 7 months since transition)
(Reading with Athor) I mainly wanted to find out what Ed thought about his Arlington service.  Athor said there is not much energy connected with the Earth but he liked the military procession and the horses (Athor asked me later if there were horses-she had no knowledge of military services). He also felt some energy directed toward me.  He was gratified by the service and felt it was like a good closing chapter to his life. I was rather disappointed in this reaction since I thought it was a wonderful tribute to him, but apparently he was more interested in what he was doing in the other realms.  The feeling was still like being free-flying high and doing acrobatics in a plane.  He has no real concern for Earthly things.  When Ed was a World War II cadet pilot he used to fly under bridges which was against regulations but he loved it! I used to tell him that when he was no longer in a body he could fly again but he didn’t quite believe that. He says he has seen “The Light”.  He knows his attachment to material possessions was an imbalance in this lifetime (Ed had lots of “things” !!)  There was a huge revelation soon after crossing over.  Athor was about to conclude the reading when she said , “Wait, there is more. I see a red ball of light and I’m trying to read the energy”.  This took quite awhile so I waited patiently. Finally she said he is trying to warn of a pending war.  There will be between 20 to 40 nations involved- military encounters and global catastrophe.  She said “I hear 1978-does that mean anything to you?”  It meant nothing in particular to me nor to her but when I looked it up on the internet there were many alarming events in 1978 on the planet including the year that the Shah was deposed in Iran which led to Ayatollah Khomeini returning to power; the Iranian hostage situation; the near Three Mile Island nuclear disaster,etc.Ed said that the course of history can be substantially altered through prayer and sending Light. From his present prospective Ed has seen what energies, thought waves and thought forms can do. During his last days Ed was extremely concerned about the situation on Earth. While on heavy pain medication he thought he was being called up again to help the country.  Maybe the only way he can assist is from the other side. I have had an additional Athor reading regarding the world situation.  I will post this on my website when I receive the transciption. I finally decided I should tape record these readings.

Psychics frequently say that dire predictions are to give warnings which hopefully will help people change the future. I feel that there are many possible futures; no one future is set in stone.   I totally agree with Ed that prayer and Light can change the future, but it is going to take some hard work on the part of humankind. Maybe Ed’s views from the other side will be taken seriously because this is coming not from a psychic but from a man who was/is concerned about his country. A good friend of Ed’s, Col. Brice Wilson, spoke at length at both of Ed’s memorial services stating that Ed was the most patriotic man he had ever known. I am dedicated to spreading the word that the FUTURE CAN BE SUBSTANTIALLY ALTERED! However, the prayers and Light need to come from the people here on Earth. See my earlier webpage entitled Messages from the Star Council of Sirius to all lovers of Planet Earth which offers suggested ways to accomplish this.

7th contact – Dec. 24, 2009

I am trying to get more information on a possible war.
E. (Evelyn) In the last message from Ed he was talking about a pending war.  Is there any Earth time line on when this might be happening unless we change it?
A. (Ed through Athor) Two to three years
E. Does he see a major country starting the war? Ed names a country that surprised me as well as Athor.  I prefer not to name the given country over the internet.
E. Would this be through an atomic explosion or something else?
A. I don’t have that knowledge. It’s the political climate of a domino effect that will occur.
E. Is there anything specifically that we can do to help prevent this other than prayer and sending Light?
A. What I am hearing is the powers to be have determined certain events will occur within a certain time frame.  These events can only be circumvented through the use of Light; a sufficient number of beings joining together, uniting, and the right individual taking necessary steps.  It is unlikely that those with whom you have had dealings in the past are in such a position.  It is unlikely that such individuals would be open-minded enough.  It is a giant leap from your book to the political arena. Most of these individuals are not able to make that leap.  They have no framework-no basis.  They have to be approached on their level, in their language, is what I am getting.
E.  When Ed and I were at dinner parties with people who have no metaphysical background he would often say, “Tell them about your book, Evelyn” I would be at a loss to explain it in a way that would make any sense to them. Then Ed would usually say that it explains the universe and how the good Lord has a lot of help (referring of course to the Council of Sirius).  The subject would then be dropped because the people at our table couldn’t even think of any questions or even polite comments!
E. Will Ed help me write for my website?
A. Yes. He is saying don’t just sit down and write. Do a clearing and bring in the Light –that kind of thing. The  ethers are getting even worse because there has been a step up of a big activity.   (E. My inner guidance is telling me to leave out the next information –not suitable for the internet).
E. It sounds to me as if all of this is weighing on Ed’s energy.  Is he doing anything to enjoy himself?
A. ( Source is Athor-not Ed) He is in a certain strata wherein he has focused his attention because of his military background. He is lingering there because of his concerns for the Earth.  He was very free and so on but now he’s hit this energy strata and he is lingering because of his concerns.  Nobody can know, including him of any time frame when he will be passing through this strata. It is not that he is trapped but this is an energy strata that is sandwiched in on the ethers, between other energy strata. This is interesting because it is like a huge band of energy.  Some beings pass on through just fine when they
make their transition from the Earth plane; they don’t have any concerns or connections but Ed had all this military experience.  Until he disengages his interest and drops all that stuff he will be in that strata.
E. Can he do anything from his side to help this situation?
A. Not much other than trying to give information of what he sees and what he is aware of.  
The rest of the reading was devoted to asking if he had a message for our friend Pam who is Chief of Staff for a Congressman and had orchestrated Ed’s burial in Arlington from her location in Washington D.C. It ended up going into a past life that they had together in the early days of the Old West. The information is not pertinent to the discussion on this website.
Toward the end of the reading I again asked about Ed’s possible direct communication with me. 
Athor: Communication with the living can be a seasonal thing, depending on the weather. Rain and water can create a lot of so-called paranormal activity. For some reason that is a little easier on the ethers.  It thins them out more, the difference between this realm and the next so to speak.  When it is foggy, damp, rainy, even snow can help with that.  There are certain times of the year when the ethers are thinner; there are certain places in the world where the ethers are thinner; consequently there is much more paranormal activity such as Brazil and India.  New Age people talk about psychic hot spots because there are places in the world where the veil is thinner so to speak.

While waiting for another transcript, I had almost decided that it is not healthy for me to continue these communications with Ed because it actually makes me miss him more and continues my strong bond with him.  However, since this contact in December the world news continues to be alarming. I feel I need to make an effort to get information to people who may be in a position to do something definitive about it . Light workers can make great changes but we need to add numbers to our ranks!  If any of my readers have any suggestions please send me an e-mail and  I ask that you forward the e-mail I sent to you to as many spiritual people as possible. In the meantime I will be seeking open minded people in key leadership roles who possibly might pay attention to the information coming from Ed.  My father, Noble Paul Bassett, wrote Constitution of the United Nations of the World in 1944 (Christopher Publishing House, Boston) before the United Nations was formed. I feel that he and Ed will be assisting me with this project but I also ask for your assistance. Working together we can make this shift into a higher consciousness by 2012.  

8th contact with Ed
March 22, 2010

There was another reading on January 22 which gave specific details of military intelligence from Ed.  It has taken until the beginning of April to finally zero in on a person in a leadership position who may be able to utilize this information.  Also,  in a February reading Athor indicated that she was not able to tap into the Ed consciousness. She said she was getting a picture of  a baby in a fetal position.  She speculated that he may be reincarnating soon but she was not sure.
In March she confirmed that he is in the initial stage of rebirth amassing and collecting energies. It is important to not disturb the consciousness when this is happening.  His choice of country for his rebirth was disturbing but makes perfect sense in the overall soul pattern of the Ed consciousness.
During the many months of getting these messages I have been thinking more about my next bookIn From Sirius to Earth which was completed in 1995 I stated that I would be writing another book.  Then I became involved in many other projects and life events which postponed this happening.  I am now finally ready to began the much delayed sequel to From Sirius to Earth.  There will be more about the “Ed” story in the book but no more messages on this website until the book is published.  I need to devote my energies to this next book. 

So until then, as Ed always said at the end of a conversation, "Fly low and keep up air speed!"

May you always be surrounded by the light!

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